Architecture Photography at the Seattle Opera

At the beginning of this year I had hoped to make it a regular thing to work on personal architecture photography projects throughout the year. As it turns out, I’ve been focused on growing this business and haven’t set aside the time to devote to that goal.

But hey, opportunities arise on their own sometimes! I happened to walk by the new Seattle Opera building recently on a family outing and knew I had to return to make some images. So on the next beautiful, Springtime, bluebird day I brought my camera gear down to Seattle Center and spent a few hours working the angles of this beautiful new structure.

The parking garage across the street was a strategic perch from which to capture some views partially obscured by trees. I really like the juxtaposition of the organic leaves & branches against the angular metal of the exterior cladding. Plus it gives added dimension to the image!

Approaching the building and exploring views on all sides was an exercise mostly in waiting… for large construction vehicles to move on when the light turned green, for the moment when two just-right cars pass each other on the street, or for a pedestrian to walk into frame. I enjoy adding movement and a human element to these types of images; without it they can feel a bit stark and lifeless.

I’m pleased with the way these photographs turned out and would like to return at sunset to capture a twilight scene at this location. There is some pretty spectacular lighting design on this building that would be fun to capture with one of our beautiful PNW summer evening skies!

(all images copyright © 2019 Jennifer Clark/PorchLight Imaging, LLC)

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