Before & After Sliders


Photographers generally don’t like to unveil their RAW images to clients or really, to anyone. We are a perfectionist bunch who usually prefer to keep our behind-the-scenes post-production work, well, behind the scenes.

In the interest of client education and communicating my value as a professional photographer, I wanted to create a page of before & after examples to illustrate the impact of the services I offer. There are several ways to do this and some web platforms make it easier than others (so many slider plugins for Wordpress!). My Squarespace website, while I love it for so many reasons, did not seem like one of the easy ones. So I went hunting for a tutorial I could follow to create javascript image sliders that would integrate with Squarespace.

During my search I came upon a few recommendations for the twentytwenty plugin and then I found this Anthony Kramer blog post that walks through the process one step at a time in clear, easy to follow language. As a coding newbie I was able to successfully install the js libraries and inject the code into my template to create a handful of beautiful image sliders! I’m pleased with the way it’s turned out and look forward to using this method to help my clients better appreciate the value that professional imaging brings to their projects.

Check out my Before & After sliders here.

(all images copyright © 2019 Jennifer Clark/PorchLight Imaging, LLC)

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